Year: 2017

Reaching for Meaningful Music: Béla Fleck’s Exclusive Interview

By Estefanía Romero Béla Fleck is an iconic idol in the history of music, in the history of jazz and in the history of banjo. I won’t tell you much about this wonderful improviser and composer of the world of classic music, bluegrass, jazz and pop… because I’m sure you […]

“Love is the Answer, Anything is Possible”: Donald Harrison Jr.

By Estefanía Romero “Big Chief” is how we call him. He is a composer, a multi-instrumentalist, mainly saxophonist, and an educator, well known for playing in classic jazz projects such as Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and with new jazz wonderful musicians as Christian Scott; we know him also because many […]

Larry Blumenfeld vs. The Jazz Media Crisis

By Estefanía Romero His intelligence, critical view and deep knowledge are some of the aspects that build the figure of Larry Blumenfeld, as someone that today belongs to the jazz world, from where he extracts different explanations that can only be formulated through the written word. This is how he […]

Charlie Hunter: A Path Against the Industry

By: Estefanía Romero The Joe Satriani’s disciple, the guitar player Charlie Hunter, has showed to be a prodigious with his own style, which was developed after many years of study, tours and record sellings. Hunter is visiting the Festival de Jazz de Nuevo León, but first he talks to Mexican […]

Art Expands People’s Criteria: Interview With Oscar “Zensei” González

This great composer, guitarist and jazz promoter in Mexico, is an example of creativity and discipline, which he shows in his perfect and original performances. Also, he is always surrounded by extraordinary musicians that he chooses to perform with in his band, Psicodrama. Here is the chat I had with […]