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“They call me Bobby Kapp because siempre traigo mi gorra”

By: Estefanía Romero Cover photo’s original source: bobbykappjazz.com  Laké, an incredible jazz band from Querétaro was a headliner at the Festival Internacional de Jazz Armando Núñez (FIJAN) 2024. The members of this ensemble came to push the jazz boundaries with their different compositions, but they also gave us a hell […]

Ebullía jazz en CDMX durante los 70’s

Celebrando a Roberto Aymes [2da parte] Por: Estefanía Romero Continuamos la fiesta por los 50 años de carrera musical del maestro Roberto Aymes Blanchet, y aprovechamos esta 2da parte de la conversación que tuvimos con él, para abrir antesala a los festejos del Día Internacional del Jazz, que será el […]

“A Good Story is Everything”: Thana Alexa and Antonio Sánchez in Interview

By: Estefanía Romero Photo: Salvador Bonilla I love how this interview turned out, because these artists don’t only allow us to know more about their sensibilities, but they are also constantly inviting us to feel fascinated and devoted to life as much as them. Thana Alexa is a vocalist, composer, arranger […]

“The ‘pam!’ we use in our music is genuine, it’s honest, it comes from our roots”: Oscar Hernández, Head Of The Spanish Harlem Orchestra

By: Estefanía Romero Cover Photo: Salvador Bonilla Oscar Hernandez is one of the most transcendental names in Latin music in the entire world, thanks to his hard work, honest sound and quintessential? music. He’s the founder, conductor, and pianist of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, but he is also very active […]

FIJAN Takes The Jazz Experience Into New Heights | Arriba, Chihuahua!

By: Estefanía Romero The Festival Internacional de Jazz Armando Núñez (FIJAN), directed by Mario Montes, accomplished everything it promised and way much more. I’m talking about a very uncommon jazz festival in the beautiful Chihuahua, a city in Northern Mexico. Here are my insights…   The Musical Jewels Featured By […]

IF 2022: a 24-hour Festival of Improvised Arts… in just a click!

This “all-night celebration of the arts” will take place August 26-27, 2022 online and in-person (University of Guelph) It will feature 150+ artists of all artistic disciplines from around the world. Full artist line-up is available here. The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI) at the University of […]

Should Jazz Criticism Involve Feminism and Ethics? Interview with Ajay Heble

By: Estefanía Romero We observe the discoveries and ideas of those who have dedicated their lives to understand jazz and improvisation, not just as artistic forms, but also through their link with human rights and social struggles. Why? Because the music can be more fascinating when we can understand what’s […]

Women in Jazz | Third Part: Mexican Jazz Females

By: Estefanía Romero   I invite you to read the other parts of this article: ·         Women in Jazz | First Part: The Notion of Inferiority ·         Women in Jazz | Second Part: Women who Sing Jazz (Professionally?), Attraction and Persistence ·         Women in Jazz | Third Part: Mexican Jazz Females   Female Jazz […]

Top Jazz Female Instrumentalists in Mexico

By: Estefanía Romero In the conclusions of my article “Women in Jazz”, an extensive research on women in the history of this genre, it was revealed a ridiculously small percentage (3%) of jazz women instrumentalists females performing nowadays in Mexico. That’s the reason why today, March 8th, the International Day […]