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“A Good Story is Everything”: Thana Alexa and Antonio Sánchez in Interview

By: Estefanía Romero Photo: Salvador Bonilla I love how this interview turned out, because these artists don’t only allow us to know more about their sensibilities, but they are also constantly inviting us to feel fascinated and devoted to life as much as them. Thana Alexa is a vocalist, composer, arranger […]

“The ‘pam!’ we use in our music is genuine, it’s honest, it comes from our roots”: Oscar Hernández, Head Of The Spanish Harlem Orchestra

By: Estefanía Romero Cover Photo: Salvador Bonilla Oscar Hernandez is one of the most transcendental names in Latin music in the entire world, thanks to his hard work, honest sound and quintessential? music. He’s the founder, conductor, and pianist of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, but he is also very active […]

Same Repertoire, Different Dimensions: Two Concerts of Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra in México

By: Estefanía Romero I witnessed how The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis played at the historical Mexican building Alhóndiga de Granaditas in Guanajuato city, and a couple of days later at the Auditorio Nacional, in Mexico City. Two concerts with the same repertoire, but extremely different performances. […]